my life may not be something special, but its never been lived before.

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Today a dear friend invited me to a Shabbat or Shabbat(i dont know if u say, "a shabbat" or just "shabbat")!!!! I'm not entirely sure what that involves, but nonetheless I am thrilled! I may even get to wear a kippa if I'm lucky. A kippa is a Jewish hat thingy...I learned that today. I just picked Rachel up from work and hopefully we will go out tonight. I want to go to L. They should have a good crowd. My brother, his date, and some friends took my car to prom so I will be driving my big, manly truck tonight! How great is that? I think I'll wear my suit and tie as well. It will be a fun night if I can muster up the energy to get dressed.
I visited Ms. Amelie today. She is so very enjoyable!!! She is an old lady in a nursing home. I gave her a picture of me and rachel and she put it up on her wall. She is sooo sweet. I love her dearly.


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