my life may not be something special, but its never been lived before.

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am I still your friend?

Of course! I would never leave out my Leslie!!

lmao - yes!!!
I feel lucky!!
Amy and I are evacuating this evening

That sucks! I heard Lake Charles had to evacuate and I thought of you guys. I hope you find someplace to stay. If I had my own place I would invite ya over.

am i your friend? *pout* lol

haha...yes, you're my friend!

I don't know if I classify as a friend? This is Tate.

Hey. I wasn't at my computer. I don't know why it showed me as not being idle.

What's up? feel free to email me!

Hey, was just wondering if you'd consider adding me? I added you first so you can read my journal if you want to :) If youd rather not be added just let me know.
Em x

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